• Reviewed by: TALIAH.OWENS  on: 2016-01-04T09:21:39
    Usually good service however this time the delivery driver was horrible. I was really busy working and he requested me to come to out of my office to his car to pick up the food. I explained to him that i was ver busy but he just insisted on arguing with me. When I went out to the car I asked the driver in a calm tone did they no longer come inside and he then stated to me "do you want to pay for my ticket". I was appalled and could not believe he had the nerve to say that to someone patronizing their business. Horrible Horrible Horrible. I will not be ordering take out from here again with rude customer service like that. I understand one monkey doesn't stop a show so yo may not care but what if it was you that experienced this. -SIGNED A DISSAPOINTED PATRON
  • Reviewed by: chrisfields96  on: 2015-11-27T14:56:54
    What time do you close
  • Reviewed by: rpuser3  on: 2015-07-29T04:52:29
    I was a customer here not too long ago with my girlfriend. Loved your food, and I’m trying to recommend you to my friends to come, but we’re having a hard time finding you online. Can you give me a link to your online menu? Thanks, Charles S
  • Reviewed by: mhamiltonwhitehead  on: 2015-06-23T09:57:54
    We grabbed take out from there for the first time yesterday and we are going back today again. I was able to ask for mild instead of blazing stomach shooting fire hot and they made it awesome. Very courteous and clean as well. I would recommend them to others!
  • Reviewed by: MEEZ63  on: 2014-10-23T09:11:20
    The food is always deliver hot and you get what you actually order. The food is better than Chinatown. The only place I order from for lunch in the Fairmount area.
  • Reviewed by: Aaron.w.Smith89  on: 2014-09-13T10:06:58.587-07:00
    I love this place! Best take out place in Philly! At least that I have had so far.
  • Reviewed by: mshadowm  on: 2014-02-08T17:45:42.080-08:00
    Ordered a dinner box. Food was very good and defiantly plenty specially for what I paid. Will be bac
  • Reviewed by: kameronz  on: 2013-07-07T17:15:54.375-07:00
    When Will Open Order Online In Holyoke, MA 01040
    Re: we are there yet.sorry!!  (2013-07-11T22:07:40)
  • Reviewed by: larry.gross  on: 2012-10-28T15:39:35.671-07:00
    Can I put this on my Amex card?
  • Reviewed by: nealn  on: 2012-08-23T11:48:14.649-07:00
    food was great, taste fresh.
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