• Reviewed by:   on: 5/19/2012 3:41:00 AM
    Online order form made delivery super easy. I made a special note to make everything extra spicy... could have been hotter but still hit the spot. Will definitely be my go to Take Out Chinese spot.... delivery time was a little long... but worth the wait.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 4/3/2012 3:58:00 AM
    Delivery is my specialty. lol. I love ordering-out when I'm way too busy at work. Either late lunch or dinner. I have ordered the veggie dumplings fried and steam. It is really good. My fave is the Beef Cho Ho Fun extra spicy. They are just as good as Chinatown food. I've had many other menu items from here and have never been disappointed.From String Beans in Garlic sauce to Fried Chicken. The only thing is the delivery sur charge. lol. $1.50 is not much to ask but if your a good tipper then that just sucks.This would be a highly recommend place to order take-out. I get my deliveries to Brewerytown and they are pretty quick.
  • Reviewed by: ivoryauhna.burrell  on: 3/8/2011 2:31:55 PM
    hi i never been her bwt i will like to cause yur store looks nice and ive been looking for a chinese store to stay at cause i be ordering and goin to chinese stors so one day i will cum here with ma godsis and sum friends
  • Reviewed by: adgar609  on: 2018/4/4 15:06:08
    Very disappointed with my order toder, Dinner box special -Boneless ribs half of it was fat. I have been a customer since the opening of the restaurant. I enjoy your food, but was very disappointed this time. I took a picture .thank you.
  • Reviewed by: babyduv  on: 2017/12/24 19:04:35
    I requested a particular replacement sauce to the usual 'red sauce'. After retrieving my order, i checked to make sure that they had obliged my request. The replacement sauce container was a quarter of the original size. I asked for extra sauce containers and they required an extra charge. Really?! I decided to exchange the alternative for the regular size typical sauce. Having ordered fried wonton before, i had seen bits of garlic and/or chili flakes inside the red sauce. This had nothing. After debating previous orders, the owner asked if i wanted the sauce or not, i replied no with the assumption he was planning on remedying the situation. He took my sauce back and all he did was go about his business like nothing happened. I'm left standing there waiting on exchange that clearly wasn't going to happen. I had to ask the cashier who debated earlier with me that I planned on leaving with something to dunk my wontons in. So ridiculous. Not going there anymore. Sucks cause their shrimp eggrolls are on point.
  • Reviewed by: st_ankus  on: 2016-06-24T17:12:56
    What happened to the order on line feature on you website? It made ordering easy and accurate.
  • Reviewed by: mr.crafter1225  on: 2016-04-17T09:04:42
    great food me and my family loves this place we order regularly and the food is very tasty i give 9/10
  • Reviewed by: peter.e.bonilla  on: 2016-03-05T18:07:09
    I have ordered from Golden chopstick several times and never had an issue, but tonight I was given a mixed up order and didn't realize this until it was too late for me to do anything about it. I ordered steamed chicken and broccoli with brown sauce and white rice, and instead was delivered an order with brown rice and white sauce. I was hungry and didn't feel like going to the trouble of sending it back, but this was a rare disappointment in my time ordering from Golden Chopstick.Peter Bonilla
  • Reviewed by: TALIAH.OWENS  on: 2016-01-04T09:21:39
    Usually good service however this time the delivery driver was horrible. I was really busy working and he requested me to come to out of my office to his car to pick up the food. I explained to him that i was ver busy but he just insisted on arguing with me. When I went out to the car I asked the driver in a calm tone did they no longer come inside and he then stated to me "do you want to pay for my ticket". I was appalled and could not believe he had the nerve to say that to someone patronizing their business. Horrible Horrible Horrible. I will not be ordering take out from here again with rude customer service like that. I understand one monkey doesn't stop a show so yo may not care but what if it was you that experienced this. -SIGNED A DISSAPOINTED PATRON
  • Reviewed by: chrisfields96  on: 2015-11-27T14:56:54
    What time do you close
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